Misson Greenside Development Foundation

Greenside Development Foundation, a non profit organisation, seeks to break cycles of poverty for young adults. Entrepreneurship is our tool – it empowers and creates  new opportunities, wealth and marketable skills. Our mission is to help low-income young entrepreneurs plan, fund, launch and grow micro businesses. We serve highly motivated, aspiring entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35.

We know that talent is distributed equally across the globe – just not opportunity. Urban and rural young adults face many obstacles, including poor services and a lack of resources and support. These obstacles leave few good options: bad jobs or unemployment for those who can’t or won’t go to college. These limited options often lead to low income and no assets – but entrepreneurship could be the alternative .

We believe that young adults can be successful entrepreneurs if they have access to education, finance, networks and mentors.

Our program begins with extensive business literacy education, including training in business planning, modeling and startup methodologies developed specifically for our benefciaries. After  completing their training, we partner with them to launch and develop their business .


Greenside Development Foundation is a not-for-profit organization pledged to fighting poverty in Morocco. Founded in Morocco,  Greenside is dedicated to the idea that cyclical poverty can only be addressed through a combination of education, access to capital, and partnership with communities.

GDF Vision

The Greenside Development Foundation’s vision is to alleviate poverty through empowering sustainable youth employment.

             GDF Now:

  • Greenside Development Foundation’s Youth Ventures program currently supports 90 Young Entrepreneurs
  • These 90 microenterprises provide employment for 130 youth
  • Over 60% of our benefiaries are young women

GDF in the mid-term

  • We continue to train, fund, and support Young Entrepreneurs in the region, developing new businesses in Imouzzer Knader.
  • capacity building of our Young Entrepreneurs to use technology in order to develop their businesses
  • empowering unemployed women and youth through entrepreneurship in the surrounding cities of Imouzzer kinder

       GDF in the long-term:

  • GDF is planning to expand its Youth Ventures program to the region, opening offices in Fés,  Sefrou, Azrou,ElMenzel and Ribat Elkhir before expanding nationally.
  • GDF is planning to launch a School of Entrepreneurship in Imouzzer-Kandar to provide boarding and intensive training for aspiring young entrepreneurs from all over Morocco to launch their enterprises back in their home towns.
  • We plan to partner with both international NGOs and major Moroccan corporations to realize these plans and help unemployed youth throughout Morocco and later the MENA region.


Entrepreneurship in MENA région

The motivation for entrepreneurship varies across countries. About a quarter of

entrepreneurial activity in these countries is motivated by necessity (lack of employment

opportunities, the need to earn or maintain an income), actually lower than the average in

other countries at their level of development. Higher shares of necessity-motivation in

TEA rates are observed in Palestine, Syria, and Yemen (over a third); while over 80% of

early-stage entrepreneurs in Algeria and Lebanon are motivated by opportunity. Early-stage

entrepreneurs in the youngest and oldest age groups, those with lower levels of education,

and those in the lower-third household income groups tend to be more likely to be

motivated by necessity than opportunity, but there are significant country-level differences.

Millions of new enterprises are in the process of being started in the seven MENA countries. They

are mostly in the consumer-oriented sector (retail, hospitality, personal, and social services), where

start-up costs and entry barriers may be lower. This is consistent with what might be expected for

countries at their level of development. In Palestine and Yemen, about 20% are in the extractive

sectors (farming, fishing, mining), and in Morocco, Jordan, and Algeria, about 20% are in the

transforming sectors (manufacturing, construction, distribution). Compared to established

businesses, early-stage ventures are more dominant in consumer-oriented sectors and business

services and less dominant in the transforming and extractive sectors.

The vast majority of early-stage enterprises do not have any customers outside the

country. However, there is more of an international orientation in Lebanon, Morocco, and Syria

where close to 20% of the early-stage entrepreneurs will have more than 25% of their customers

from outside the country. The least international are the enterprises in Palestine.

The biggest impact from early-stage entrepreneurial activity in the MENA countries comes from its

contribution to job creation. Although they are starting primarily as micro-enterprises, over 70% of

the early-stage enterprises are collectively generating millions of jobs. However, many of these

enterprises are nascent and may not survive through the start-up process due to any number of

internal and external factors. If they survive the fragile start-up process and are able to realize even

a fraction of the job growth expectations they have for the next five years, millions more jobs will

be created and the average firm size in the region will be shifted upward. The highest job growth expectations are held by the early-stage entrepreneurs in Morocco and the lowest growth

expectations are in Yemen.


« Together we change our lives » is a national initiative ,designed to encourage self-employment opportunities for youth. The project serves to enhance the mechanism of entrepreneurship through providing monitoring as well as effective tools that help young entrepreneurs successfully bring on their own enterprises. The project « Together for Empowering Youth Micro-Entrepreneurship » is designed under the umbrella of Greenside Development Foundation & « Jeunes pour Jeunes association » ,in partnership with the ministry of youth & sports as well as the World Bank. The current project embarked on March 2015,it sets the platform for straddling monitoring and training for young entrepreneurs to as to become economically independent. Therefore, throughout the three days training that took place in Imouzzer kander ,the participants were equipped with the necessary drill and skills that support them in seeing their own micro-enterprises into action.